Black is beautiful (A poem)

Black is beautiful (A poem by Ntobeko Mzolo)

Because black is beautiful…

Black magic, blackmail, black hole, black eye…

All words used to definitively define something as inherently evil including the black body

Throughout most of civilization you have been broken down beat down and put down

But yet you remain beautiful

History consistently reminds you that you are worthless, toothless and thoughtless.

Your ways barbaric and archaic.

But the more and more I see you become you, I realize it is because they feared you.

They feared your strength, your grace, you mind, and your will.

You survived it all without losing your grace; you survived it all without losing your ways.

It is now black man that you should rise and rise.

You were made to be tougher, to be stronger, and to be wiser.

No longer defined by your former master, no longer enslaved physically and mentally

You can now choose to be you as you were designed.

A haze of colour and expression, a movement of excitement and passion as the contours of your dark skin resonate with the African sun in the afternoon, as your expression and joy mirror the beauty of the African sunset.

There is no limit to your strength; no limit to your soul, no box can contain your spirit. They tried to shackle you and control you and time and time again you survived.

Black is beautiful

Ntobeko Mzolo – Izwe Lethu


One thought on “Black is beautiful (A poem)

  1. Wow this is a beautifull poem. As was reading my eyes were open to the beauty, strength and glory that God has adorned us with as black Africans, despite our history.


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